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Written By: Alina Nguyen - MCAT Director

2019 MCAT Registration Opens Soon!

The AAMC has announced that registration for the following 2019 test dates will open on October 25. Mark the date in your calendar, and remember to register as soon as possible. Testing slots at fill up very quickly for the January test dates especially. Last year, some testing locations were full after only 2 days of open registration.


If you planning to apply during the 2019-2020 application cycle, the latest test date we recommend is April 13, though earlier if better if you want to leave room for a retake. Your MCAT score plays a huge role in determining the competitiveness of your application and which schools to which you should apply. It is extremely important to know where you stand before primary application submission starts in June.


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Test Date Registration Deadline* Score Release
January 18 January 3 February 20
January 19 January 4 February 20
January 24 January 9 February 26
March 15 February 28 April 16
March 29 March 14 April 30
April 5 March 21 May 7
April 6 March 22 May 7
April 13 March 29 May 14
May 11 April 26 June 11
May 18 May 3 June 18
May 23 May 8 June 25
May 24 May 9 June 25
May 31 May 16 July 2
June 1 May 17 July 2
June 15 May 31 July 16
June 28 June 13 July 30
June 29 June 14 July 30

*Silver registration deadlines are listed. These are the last dates that you can register for a test without a fee increase and last date for rescheduling.


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