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Our commitment to the community is at the core of who we are.

Community Investment

Since 2009, Clayborne has invested in the resilient and diverse community to which it belongs, striving to equip students with the skills and tools to flourish. Its impact-driven community investment programs and strategic partnerships have helped hundreds of under-resourced students in Central Virginia prepare for life after high school.


Test prep, academic tutoring, organizational coaching, and college counseling are powerful resources. Because each student’s experience is unique, we customize our programs to address each student as an individual person.

Organizations We Support

Our Programs

Better Future Fellows

This two-year program addresses the integrated well-being of high school students as they consider the daunting question, what’s next? Clayborne shares a full suite of services with each Better Future Fellows cohort—offering coaching to help them identify and pursue goals; test prep as they prepare for standardized tests; and workshops that aid them in building professional networks and confidence.

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In the past ten years, hundreds of students have received partial or full scholarships, which have equipped them with the tools to continue writing their amazing stories: College students cultivate engaged citizenship; high school seniors confront their next steps with confidence; and families find joy in their students’ growth and success.

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“Better Future Fellows is a program that thinks 10 steps ahead of you 110% of the time…” - Better Future Fellow, 2018

Would you like to get involved?

If you are interested in learning more about Clayborne community investment, you can reach out to the community investment and scholarship coordinator, Ralston Hartness.

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