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Written By: Lee Elberson - CEO, Clayborne Education

Every summer, Clayborne Education and the Better Future Foundation team up to support the (LEAP) in Richmond.  What initially started off as a simple SAT program, eventually evolved into a program dedicated to career development and holistic college admissions exploration.  Some of the activities include personality inventories, career profile exploration, and critically analyzing colleges for best fit.  After 4 years of supporting the program, we are seeing an increasing number of graduates come back to volunteer and mentor rising juniors and seniors at LEAP.  Students from LEAP go on to enroll at universities such as Mary Washington, GMU, JMU, VCU, and many more.  

Lee Elberson with LEAP Students at the Steward School

The Better Future Foundation (BFF), aims to support underresourced students in our community by providing the highest quality instruction from teaching and tutoring professionals.  If you find this program impactful, please donate to the BFF by contacting us here.

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