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Each cohort of Better Future Fellows works with Clayborne’s community investment coordinator and coaches to identify and pursue goals during their fellowship. Clayborne tutors, coaches, and mentors come alongside Better Future Fellows throughout their journey. They help lay the foundations for success, prepare for standardized tests, network with local professionals, or adjust to the new demands of life after high school.

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Better Future Fellows is a holistic, comprehensive program designed to cultivate the students’ integrated well-being. Each cohort has access to intensive mentoring, as well as resources that help them prepare for what’s next. Organizational coaching and monthly workshops are at the core of Better Future Fellows.

  • Weekly coaching equips students with time management, executive function, and metacognitive skills
  • Coaches create space for students to identify steps towards their long-term goals
  • Monthly workshops provide students space to engage important ideas
  • Workshops bring wise professionals into conversation with students
  • Students engage anxieties regarding post-secondary experiences together

Based on their academic, vocational, and personal aspirations, Better Future Fellows have access to expert college entrance exam prep, academic tutoring, and college counseling. Though these resources are available to Fellows at no cost, they bring to the table two essential ingredients: commitment to the fellowship and an eagerness to grow.


In deepening and broadening the Better Future Fellows program, Clayborne’s commitment extends beyond short-term outcomes to long-term impact.

The inaugural Better Future Fellows cohort (2018-20) is demonstrating significant growth in its first year. Fellows have participated in 10 workshops, 50 hours of coaching, 100 hours of test prep, college campus visits, vocational interest assessments, and goal-oriented academic tutoring, students are demonstrating increased:

  • Confidence in discussing college, work, and what’s next
    Initiative in executing academic and personal goals
  • Awareness of and active self-advocacy for academic and co-curricular resources
  • Official college entrance test scores (average 10% improvement from baseline)

As Fellows complete the program, Clayborne looks forward to continued relationships with each cohort and to cultivating a robust and supportive alumni network. Alumni will also have the opportunity to connect with and mentor current Fellows. We are eager to witness the exponential impact of these relationships. Stay tuned for long-term growth!


Are you interested in becoming a Better Future Fellow?

The Better Future Fellows are a talented bunch of students. If you meet the following criteria, consider asking your school counselor or nonprofit staff person for a nomination!

Better Future Fellows are:

  • Diligent, committed, and hardworking individuals
  • Excited about building relationships and learning with their peers and tutors
  • Committed to achieving academic, personal, and vocational goals
  • Aspiring first-generation college students who qualify for free/reduced lunch at school
  • 10th grade students at the time of application

Applications are open through our school and nonprofit partners in April and May for the following academic year. Contact your school counselor, nonprofit director, or mentor if you are interested in receiving their nomination.

Contact our community investment and scholarship coordinator to learn more about nominating students for this program.

“Better Future Fellows is a program that thinks 10 steps ahead of you 110% of the time…” - Better Future Fellow, 2018

Contact our Community Investment director to learn more.

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