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What is the CLT?


The Classic Learning Test is a promising and exciting addition to the world of college entrance exams. The CLT aims to offer a test more rigorous, comprehensive, and targeted than competing tests.

The CLT is ideal for homeschooled students, faith-based private school students, or indeed all students applying to schools like Liberty, Belmont Abbey, Grove City, Christopher Newport, or Baylor. But it’s also an excellent differentiator for high-achieving students who want to add something unique to their college resume.

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CLT Champions Playbook

CLT Test Dates 2023-2024

Test DateLocationRegistration DateDate to Begin Prep
(Ambitious Goal*)
Date to Begin Prep
(Typical Goal**)
Date to Begin Prep
(Modest Goal***)
Score Release Date
June 22Remotely ProctoredJune 15Late FebruaryLate MarchLate AprilJuly 6
July 27Remotely ProctoredJuly 20Late MarchLate AprilLate May
August 17Remotely ProctoredAugust 10Mid-AprilMid-MayMid-June
September 16Remotely ProctoredSeptember 11Mid-MayMid-JuneMid-July
September 19Partner SchoolsSeptember 6Mid-MayMid-JuneMid-July
October 14Remotely ProctoredOctober 9Mid-JuneMid-JulyMid-August
October 18Partner SchoolsOctober 4Mid-JuneMid-JulyMid-August
November 2Remotely ProctoredOctober 26Early JulyEarly AugustEarly September
December 2Remotely ProctoredNovember 27Early AugustEarly SeptemberEarly October
February 14Partner SchoolsJanuary 31Mid-OctoberMid-NovemberMid-December
April 24Partner SchoolsApril 17Late DecemberLate JanuaryLate February
*Desired score increase of 15+ points
**Desired score increase of 10-14 points
***Desired score increase of 9 or fewer points
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Our Unique Process

Our proven track record of success rests on the fundamental principle of individualized learning. No two students are alike, so why should their programs be? We create a completely customized tutoring program that will address your individual strengths and weaknesses and adhere to your timeline and schedule constraints. Our complementary diagnostic and consultation phases are designed to build an optimal program for each student.


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Meet with our CLT Program Director to discuss your score, goals, and timeline.

Customized Program

Partner with an expert tutor for a program tailored to your diagnostic and goals.

Constant Support

Meet regularly with your tutor to track your progress,  identify your strengths and weaknesses, and adjust your program as needed to ensure your readiness for test day.

“My experience with Clayborne has been amazing! Every tutor that I have worked with is so friendly and they have a great understanding of the material. Thanks Clayborne!!”

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