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Organizational Coaching

Are you finding it hard to maintain your grades in multiple classes? Are you worried whether you’ll be ready for the next step in your academic life (i.e high school, college, etc.)? Do you often find yourself scrambling at the last moment to complete an assignment or study for a test? Do you sometimes feel like you just don’t know how to study the right way? Organizational coaching will help you overcome these challenges and build a bridge to self-directed sustainable academic success.

What is organizational coaching?

School can sometimes feel like a never ending struggle to put out fires. Organizational coaching is built on the mission of teaching students how to keep the ground watered so that fires don’t ignite.

Organizational coaching is an individualized holistic approach to building effective academic habits, namely organization, routine, time management, and study skills. Academic habits can support us, freeing up time to plan for the future and enjoy downtime without worry, or they can bog us down, leaving us overwhelmed and anxious. When students develop academic habits that work for them, they have time to be excited about their future because they know they have the necessary tools to manage the present. Organizational coaches help students build and hone these tools, so they can be empowered to plan and execute effective study routines. The ultimate goal of organizational coaching is to help students become self-directed learners who achieve sustainable academic success.

"I can definitely state that Clayborne helped my daughter manage anxiety with test taking, which led to grade improvement and an overall increase in confidence. I think the key to our phenomenal experience at Clayborne has been that your staff meets the student where they are at and builds the confidence and skills to help students understand their potential – and achieve it." Parent of Geneva.

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