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Written By: James Supplee - GMAT Director

We at Clayborne have a track record of successful GMAT students, whose investments in their futures have paid significant dividends. Our students average a 100 point increase in their GMAT scores and regularly attend their school of choice. So how do we do it?


We specifically tailor our program to fit your individual needs. Throughout each step of the program, we identify your strengths and weaknesses, then we use our plentiful resources to grow those strengths and diminish those weaknesses.

We first do this with a Diagnostic Test. You’ll take a full-length proctored diagnostic test that we then analyze in order to create a detailed breakdown of your strengths and weaknesses based on content area and question type. We then prepare an individualized program for you based on our metrics designed to help you achieve your GMAT and graduate school goals.


We next set up a Consultation for you with our GMAT Director, who will discuss with you your goals, learning style, and experience with the material on the GMAT. We’ll review your results from the Diagnostic Test and present our recommended program.


Then we start with GMAT Prep, which ideally lasts 12 weeks. During this phase, you’ll meet with your tutors for 2-3 hours per week, and you’ll complete 3 hours of homework for every 1 hour in session. This portion of the program consists of three phases:


First, the Content Review phase equips you with the knowledge required for success on the GMAT. We utilize Magoosh and the Official GMAT Guide to strengthen these foundations.This process lasts for 40% of the typical student’s program, depending on the the particular student’s content gaps.


Second, the Timed and Targeted Practice phase allows you to apply the content knowledge you’ve gained in a timed environment, where you can develop timing strategies and test endurance, while targeting the content areas and question types that are proving to be problematic.


Third, the Practice Test phase provides you the opportunity to put it all together: the content knowledge, timing strategies, and test-taking savvy. We use official GMAT practice tests that are computer adaptive so that you can nearly replicate your test-day experience several times before the big day. We then review your results with you, breaking down each question you answered incorrectly or guessed on, and analyzing trends and patterns that emerge, so that we can understand your biggest hurdles and further equip you to overcome them.


Our individualized programs, combined with our wealth of materials and our top-notch tutors, provide you with an opportunity to hone the skills you need to succeed on the GMAT and achieve your graduate school and career goals. Contact us today to invest in your future!

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