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Written By: Marcus J. Rini -

Dear College-Bound Seniors,

By this point, many of you have already submitted your college applications, meeting the Early Decision and Early Action deadlines of November 1st and November 15th.  Other schools, still, will have Early application deadlines of December 1st.  To those of you who are done: congratulations! Moving through this process is far from easy, but you did it!  With that in mind, chances are that you also had help.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, be sure to give thanks to everyone who lent a hand and worked with you during the process. Simply saying “thank you” goes a long way, but a gesture (such as a note) or a small gift for your recommenders, teachers, and counselors goes even further.

For those of you who are still working, i.e. applying Regular Decision, understand that you are not alone.  Students move through the process of applying to college at different speeds, and there is really no problem with applying Regular Decision.  Because you are still working, however, I would like to, as a friendly reminder, offer a checklist of things to take care of before you send off your applications.

– Proofread your applications (not just the personal statement!)

– Continue to remind your school counselors of where and when to send your transcripts.  Also be sure you know the standard procedures of every school you are applying to for sending transcripts.

– Remember to officially submit your SAT or ACT scores through collegeboard.

– Keep track not only of Regular Decision deadlines, but also Financial Aid deadlines.

– If you haven’t chosen who you want to write your Letters of Recommendation, DO SO IMMEDIATELY.  If you have already asked your recommenders for a recommendation, and they haven’t finished it yet, send them a friendly reminder.  Teachers and counselors get busy and forget things, too!

– Continue to search for scholarships!!! If you haven’t already, seek out your school counselor and ask them about local scholarships.  Many local scholarships will have later deadlines, in April or May, but some of them may have deadlines in January or February.


Good luck in your efforts to be accepted to your favorite schools, and to win scholarships and financial aid.  I’m rooting for you.


Happy Holidays,





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