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Academic Tutoring

Classes move quickly and it can be easy to get left behind.  Clayborne tutors are here to help get you back in the raceOur tutors are experts in their fields and are as passionate about their subjects as they are about helping students succeed. At Clayborne, we make learning fun and effective through engaging, customized Academic Tutoring designed to meet every student’s unique needs. Whether a student is cramming for an AP test or trying to learn long-division, we are here to help. We prioritize holistic academic growth. Our goal is to equip students not only to succeed on a single test, or in a single class, but to see our students thrive in all academic pursuits.

We offer Academic Tutoring in the following subjects:

  • K-12 mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus)
  • K-12 Reading & Writing
  • K-12 Social Studies/History
  • Spanish*
  • French*
  • Latin*
  • Greek
  • Calculus*
  • Statistics*
  • Physics*
  • English Literature and Composition*
  • Chemistry*
  • Psychology*
  • Earth Science/Biology*
  • College essay writing
  • Public Speaking
  • SOL prep – all subjects

* offered through AP/college-level

We also offer tutoring in preparation for the following tests:

  • Air Force Officer Qualifying Test

How Does Academic Tutoring Work?


We start every program with a consultation, where we discuss your needs and goals for tutoring.

Customized Program

We then hand-select a tutor and develop an academic plan based on your specific goals, schedule, and learning style.

Consisten Schedule

At Clayborne, we know that students succeed through consistent academic preparation. We strive to build lasting relationships with our students through regular weekly meetings.

Consistent Communication

Throughout the tutoring process, our tutors and directors are available and excited to talk with students and families about challenges and progress. After every session, tutors send notes to parents about content covered and progress made during the session. We value transparency and believe that students succeed best through the support of a team!

All of the tutors we've had have been extremely helpful and supportive. I appreciate the level of individual attention they provide.

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